Jesse Watters to Richard Painter: You ‘Don’t Know the Truth’ Like Fox News

During a contentious interview on Saturday night, Fox host Jesse Watters told George W. Bush’s former chief ethics counsel Richard Painter that he doesn’t know the truth like they do at Fox News.

The comment happened during a tense conversation on Watters’ World about the on-going Russian probe.

Painter, who was introduced as being in support of the Special Counsel’s probe continuing on, made the point that they are investigating American Trump officials because Carter Page and others met with Russians.

“We all know about the Trump Tower meeting, where there were Russian agents there as well,” he said.

Watters quickly refuted him, talking over him to claim, “it’s not a crime” to meet with people from Russia.

Then when Painter noted “a judge gave the FISA warrant,” Watters opined the warrant was based on a “lot of wild, salacious allegations.”

“The judge was told the truth.” Painter replied. “[There is] no evidence the judge was lied to.”

The former ethics White House counsel then said this: “This is why the president wants to watch Fox News all day. This is just not the truth.”

Watters then said Painter could not possibly know the truth like Fox News does.

“You don’t know the truth because you haven’t been following it as closely as we have here on Fox News,” Watters said, before moving on.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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