Jesse Watters: ‘Trump Thinks Stuffing CNN in a Locker is Useful to His Longterm Agenda’


On Monday night, The Five discussed President Trump‘s defense of using social media as being “modern day presidential.”

Greg Gutfeld started off by saying that Trump is “redefining discourse.”

“I don’t think it’s a problem,” he said. “When you think about how much of the culture has been redefined by the left over the last four decades… so it’s about time that maybe someone like this redefined political discourse.”

He added that Trump and the media “love each other.”

“This is a co-dependent relationship,” he continued. “They’re like the couple who screams in public at Walmart, but you know they scream in the bedroom too because the passion is there! He would be bored without them and they would be bored without him and they can’t turn back.”

Jesse Watters shared his rationale behind Trump’s tweeting:

“In terms of the tweeting, I think Trump is a phenomenon. He’s a force of nature. You can’t control him… He trusts his instincts. His instincts got him to the White House and I think he’s not gonna go back on those instincts anymore. And I think when he veers off into these kind of fights with people, I feel like he believes that’s useful. He doesn’t do anything he doesn’t think is useful and I think right now currently, he thinks stuffing CNN in a locker is useful to his longterm agenda and to the American people because when you browbeat CNN, when you delegitimize them, or when you help CNN delegitimize themselves, they’re weaker, people trust them less, and they’re not able to lie about him and his agenda on a daily basis.”

He added that Democrats haven’t “really been in power” since November because “they lost pretty much everything” and the media has taken on the role of Trump’s “true opponent,” so fighting them “serves his best interests.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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