Jesus Politely Requests Tim Tebow ‘Take It Down A Notch’ On SNL

It was the last sketch of the night, but Tim Tebow finally made his highly anticipated appearance, closing out one of the most solid episodes of Saturday Night Live in recent memory. Taran Killam, playing Tebow (and helping to settle a bet on sister site Sportsgrid), was interrupted by his personal hero Jesus during a standard locker room pep talk. Jesus, played by Jason Sudeikis, was not as enamored with Tebow as Tebow was with him. “Do you read the playbook?” he asked. “The Bible is my playbook,” Tebow solemnly responded. “Yikes,” read Jesus’ expression.

Apparently, Jesus doesn’t think that Tebow is nearly the miracle worker that everyone else thinks he is — as it turns out, the Messiah actually prays to Broncos kicker Matt Prater. He also offered some encouragement for the team for their upcoming game against the Patriots, especially since he is of the opinion that Tom Brady is, if not the son of God, at least his nephew. “Oh, by the way,” Jesus said by way of parting, “Mormonism? All true. Every word. All right, peace.”

You can see the full sketch here via NBC:

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