comScore Jim Cramer Pushes Nancy Pelosi to Pass Coronavirus Bill

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Pleads With Pelosi to Pass Stimulus Today: 150 Million People Want to Know if ‘They’ll Have a Job on Friday’

CNBC host Jim Cramer grilled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on his show, Tuesday, warning that if Democrats and Republicans don’t come together within the next 24 hours to pass a coronavirus bill, “it’s a different world for all of us.”

“Can we get something done today? I know you as a person, as a practical individual, I know that Secretary Mnuchin is a practical individual. I believe that Senator McConnell can help. Is there any chance that by the end of the day, even though I know that we have disparate bills, that we can just come together in an unusual showing of nonpartisanship?” asked Cramer. “Because we know that there’s probably about 150 million working people right now who are watching and listening to you and want to know whether they’ll have a job on Friday.”

“I think there is real optimism that we could get something done in the next few hours,” responded Pelosi. “The Senate Democrats have done a great job of taking the bill from a place that was trickle down for workers. It was about corporate America, we’re about the workers, because this is where the economy thrives.”

Later in the interview, Cramer said, “Okay, Madam Speaker, I know that the 150 million people are hoping that you guys have meetings of minds. Obviously there’s some issues, I know you don’t think they’re tangential, but 150 million people want a deal done and I hope you folks can agree to something and we look forward to something with optimism.”

As the interview ended, Cramer concluded, “I think the problem is no wish list. I hope she puts aside the wish list… If they don’t come together in the next 24 hours, it’s a different world for all of us.”

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