Jim Cramer: Tim Geithner Is One Of The Greatest Treasury Secretaries Of All Time

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer was a guest on Friday’s Morning Joe and discussed the rebounding economy, gushing about Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner‘s role in getting things back on track. “I wish President Obama would say ‘I’ve got a great Treasury Secretary and he was so far ahead of the world.’ Tim Geithner did a lot to make our institutions stronger. That man does not get an ounce of credit. He’s one of the greatest Treasury Secretaries we’ve ever had! Look at Europe, They didn’t do what Geithner did. They almost took down the world. He’s a tough guy, by the way.”

Panelist Donny Deutsch had opened the segment by asking Cramer if he thought the economic apocalypse was still possible. Cramer disagreed and thought the lion share of weak companies were flushed out, gushing about Geithner’s job performance.

“I think Geithner gets a bad rap because he’s in the movie (Too Big To Fail),” Deutsch chimed in. “He’s associated — all though he saved it! — with ’08. He’s one of those guys.”

“In real life he’s so down-to-earth cool!” Cramer exclaimed.

Watch Cramer’s enthusiastic support for President Obama’s Treasury Secretary below:

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