Jim McGreevey On New York’s Gay Marriage Law: Politicians Are ‘Catching Up To The American Public’

Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey says the passage of New York’s gay marriage bill Friday indicates politicians are lagging behind voters on the issue, in many cases as Americans accept and support members of their own family who’ve come out of the closet. “You understand a nephew, a son, a father is gay, a mother. And that begins to make it very personal,” McGreevey told CNN’s Eliot Spitzer on In the Arena. “People understand — people have a personal connection with someone who is a member of the LGBT community and it profoundly changes the dynamic.

McGreevey, who left the Jersey governorship in scandal after announcing he was “a gay American,” says he hopes to marry once same sex marriage becomes legal in his home state. He also hopes to see President Obama move forward on the issue nationally:

SPITZER: How about President Obama? Are you disappointed in the hesitancy that he has shown to go beyond where he is?

MCGREEVEY: If he could only listen to Michelle more often. I think the president is moving. And you know for many elected officials they all started in the same place. You know marriage is between a man and a woman, but they understand that they are moving inevitably, catching up to the American public.

SPITZER: Are you tempted to get married?

MCGREEVEY: Yes. And when it comes to New Jersey, which I believe that it inevitably will, I think that time will come.

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