Jim VandeHei Chides Media for Getting Election So Wrong: ‘A Lot of People in Bubbles Have to Realize They Don’t Understand America’


Axios co-founder and CEO Jim VandeHei declared that the media needs to “have a little bit of humility” and “realize they don’t understand America” and live in a bubble after getting the 2020 presidential election so wrong.

“One the one hand, a lot of this was knowable,” said VandeHei on MSNBC, Wednesday, adding however that “the one thing that wasn’t knowable” was that Republicans would “way overperform” and pick up House seats.

“And this is the one where I think all of us have to have a little bit of humility, and a lot of people in bubbles have to realize they don’t understand America,” he declared, noting that “Donald Trump was the only person who thought they were gonna pick up House seats,” and keep the Senate.

“Trump could still lose, but he performed way better than most people thought that he would. Look at Wisconsin, some of the polls… somebody had a seventeen point Biden lead. It looks like it’s going to come down to a point or two,” VandeHei said. “And so there’s things happening in America that people don’t realize because they’re living in big cities.”

He highlighted that “something’s happening with the Hispanic vote” in Texas and Florida, explaining, “This wasn’t just working class White men that turned out for Trump. In almost every state he overperformed what people thought he would do, and so we’re headed towards some really, really rocky times. ”

“I do think the one thing all of us can learn is to have a little bit of humility that there’s something going on — and we talked a lot about it on the show, all these flags, the boats, everything — there’s something going on out there that most of the media has been missing,” VandeHei concluded. “And obviously Donald Trump and the Republicans are the big beneficiaries of that as we sit here today, even if Trump loses the presidency.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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