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Jimmy Carter Grandson Tells MSNBC He Can’t Block Confederate License Plates in Georgia

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate and grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, Jason Carter, appeared on MSNBC on Monday with host Chuck Todd where he was pressed on the issue surrounding the state government’s decision to issue license plates with the Confederate flag on them. Carter said that, while he would prefer the state honor civil rights leaders, he says that the issue is a distraction and he cannot block Georgia from issuing controversial plates.

“If you’re governor, do you make it so that they can’t do that anymore?” Todd asked of the state’s decision to issue the controversial plates. “That a group like the Sons of the Confederacy wouldn’t be allowed to use the Confederate flag, which is offensive to so many, particularly African-Americans, in Georgia?”

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Carter replied that he thinks issues like the one Todd raised are “the kind of things that Georgia needs to put behind us.” He said that residents of Georgia have the right to put on their car whatever they would like, but he would prefer to see a more inclusive license plate.

“We’re not talking about a bumper sticker,” Todd interjected. “We’re talking about a state-issued license plate. State tax dollars made it.”

“I don’t know that the state can discriminate on the basis of what they say,” Carter responded. “To the extent that folks are making this a political issue to divide people, I don’t support it.”

“So, you wouldn’t block it though,” Todd clarified.

“I don’t know if we could block it,” Carter replied. “This is something for national folks to talk about. In Georgia, we’re moving on.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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