Jimmy Carter: It’s ‘Wrong’ for Democrats to Talk About Impeaching Trump


Former President Jimmy Carter told Fox Business today that Democrats looking to impeach President Donald Trump are doing the “the wrong thing.”

“I don’t talk about impeachment,” Carter told Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto. “I think that’s the wrong thing for Democrats to do.”

The former president’s comments on the matter are particularly noteworthy, as Carter became president following Richard Nixon’s resignation due to the Watergate affair and Gerald Ford‘s subsequent pardon.

During the discussion, Cavuto accused Democratic lawmakers of “salivating” at the idea of flipping the House, which would give them a chance to impeach Trump.

Ironically, it is Republican politicians who have focused on the subject more than their Democratic opponents, as many on the right have brought up the possibility of impeachment in attempts to encourage their base to keep Republicans in control of the House this November.

Cavuto then questioned Carter on if a Trump impeachment could negatively impact America’s economy.

“You know, I think the president has much less influence over the economy than is certainly publicized by the president himself,” Carter replied. “But whenever the economy goes up, the president always wants to take credit for it. Whenever the economy goes down, the president wants to avoid responsibility. And I think it’s been that way in our country ever since we started.”

The former president continued by knocking Trump’s response to the passing Senator John McCain, saying he “made a mistake at first by not recognizing John McCain’s unquestioned commitment to our country in the Navy and as a prisoner of war and also in his service in Congress.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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