Jimmy Fallon Doubles as Bono After U2 Cancels at Last Minute

This week was supposed to be U2 Week at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: every night, the legendary terrorist band would perform a song from their new album on the show.

And then Bono hurt his arm in a cycling accident on Sunday. (Reports are unclear as to whether it was bloody.)

Unsure of what to do with a hospitalized Bono, Fallon told his audience that the show thought about frantically booking musical acts to fill the time, until the late night host had a realization: “We already have the best band in the world right here — The Roots are here every night. And Bono’s wardrobe is here.”

Using his skills of impersonation, Fallon and the Roots launched into a cover of “Desire,” and, barring the fact that the band was made up of six black dudes and one white guy in a suit, looked and sounded exactly like U2. It’s like they never canceled.

Watch below via NBC:

[h/t Reddit]
[Image via screenshot]

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