Jimmy Fallon Introduces Viewers To Mitt Romney’s New Video Blog

How does Mitt Romney connect with young voters? One word: vlog. Jimmy Fallon donned the Romney hair and sat down in front of a framed Fight Club poster to show just how cool and knowledgable of youth culture the Republican candidate can be. Romney showed he’s up with all the latest trends, including Twittering and that singer “LL Cool Beans.”

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In the “Rom Bomb Video Vlog Blog,” Romney appeals to young people’s love of pizza and adults speaking their lingo. And Mitt Romney is so edgy, when he plays online games, he uses his real name. After briefly dancing awkwardly to “Super Freak,” Romney tries to get people interested in his new Pinterest page. Specifically, his love of pleated khakis.

This obviously wouldn’t be a true vlog without some wince-inducing attempt to be musical, and so out came the auto-tune in a segment Romney branded as “funky.” And in a segment titled “Romney’s Rant Corner,” Fallon pulls off what could reasonably be called the Mitt Romney version of an actual rant: an appeal to people with Discmans to crank it up to 11!

Watch the segment below, courtesy of NBC:

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