Jimmy Fallon Talks To ‘Jimmy Fallon’ On SNL

Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg were in an odd little sketch a third of the way through the show, which opened with Fallon giving himself a pep talk backstage while taking a break from hosting the “Saturday Night Live” Christmas episode…see what they did there? Trés meta! Samberg showcased his best Fallon impression, and the pair also did a few impressions together — Jerry Seinfeld, Barry Gibb (which they cut short when one Fallon informed the other Fallon that co-host Justin Timberlake couldn’t make it), and Kermit the Frog among them.

Though the sketch initially was a little navel-gazing for my taste, it was certainly more experimental than the usual fare from “Saturday Night Live,” and also required Fallon and Samberg to sync their impressions so they matched up in the “mirror, which is no easy feat.

To watch the full sketch, click here.

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