Jimmy Fallon’s Elaborate Downton Abbey Parody Is Brilliant

Given the trajectory of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Downton Abbey parody was just a question of time. Following in the tradition of the Glee parody 6Bee, Fallon’s Downton Abbey sketch too is named after the study– Downton Sixbey— and follows parallel plot lines of a foreigner in the Dowager Countess’s midst and the quest for a new Kardashian joke.

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Fallon, still a late night talk show host, departs from his program to talk to his announcer/butler?, Steve Higgins, and his heavy metal leg. He notes that he needs a new Kardashian joke, that his writers are worthless, and they get right to it. They come up with nothing other than the contribution of a lower-ranked writer: “Kim Kardashian attended an NBA basketball game to find a new boyfriend, but she couldn’t get into the arena. It was her buttocks, they were too big to fit in the doorway.”

The plot then turns to dinner, where the family will be graced with the unfortunate presence of someone with an American accent, and Fallon’s three daughters (two lovely women and, uh, Fred Armisen in drag) are introduced. When a tragedy strikes, Fallon must reach out to his nephew, the remaining heir to the Late Night throne. No spoilers, but this person clearly has no idea that this sketch is being filmed in his studio.

The sketch via NBC below:

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