Jimmy Kimmel Asks Hollywood Street Performers About Trump’s Counterfeit Merchandise Woes


From New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady‘s locker to the Washington Post‘s “Trump hat generator,” Donald Trump‘s signature “Make America Great Again” trucker hat is everywhere. Ever since its first appearance at a Texas press conference in July, supporters and detractors alike have been clamoring for it and other Trump-related merchandising. Yet it seems the Donald is having a bit of a business problem over the matter.

So late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask a few experts on the subject of intellectual property about the matter. And by “experts,” what I actually mean is “Hollywood street performers adopting copyrighted names and logos sans licenses.” Especially those street performers who dress up as comic book superheroes like Batman and Superman. If there’s anyone who can tell the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience how to make intellectual property great again, it’s these guys.

First question, posed to a man dressed as Superman: “Do you think [Trump] should go after them to protect his intellectual property?”

Fake Superman’s answer: “Yes, I think so. He can lose a lot of money.”

Second question, asked of an African-American Batman: “Do you think it’s important for companies to protect their creations from cheap knock-offs?”

Black Batman’s response: “I do, because the people that are doing the cheap knock-offs are seeping in to suck out of what somebody built up.”

The last one is rather prescient when you consider the fact that Trump’s beloved “Make America Great Again” slogan was initially popularized by Ronald Reagan‘s 1980 presidential campaign.

Check out the clip below, via ABC.

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