Jimmy Kimmel Features The Prime Time Failures Of Jeff Zucker With The Music Of Billy Joel

Although Jeff Zucker had many successes during his long tenure time at NBC, in the wake of his dismissal by the soon-to-be bosses from Comcast, most people are focussing on his failures. That’s just what the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live did last night, and they did it through song! Using Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” the go-to tune for any musical parody involving listing, the bit features a Zucker lookalike gleefully singing the names of some of the worst NBC disasters of the Zucker era.

The whole thing is pretty funny and we have to join in Kimmel’s amusement that anyone would greenlight something called Baby Borrowers, a show that (like a few on the list) was a remake of a British series that failed on this side of the pond. Speaking of which, as entertaining as the spoof is, there’s a horrible error in it that completely pulled me out. The Kimmel used an image from the miniseries Merlin which earned NBC 15 Emmy nominations in 1998 when they probably meant the 2008 British series that bombed on NBC before being moved to Syfy where it is still airing. Isn’t that an awful mistake? Right? Right? What, I’m the only one who cares? Oh, okay then.

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