Jimmy Kimmel Gives ‘Gullible’ Fox News a Shocking Tip About Obama

After a weekend Fox & Friends anchor mistakenly reported the fake story that President Obama had personally paid to keep the “Museum of Muslim Culture” open during the government shutdown, Jimmy Kimmel wondered what other ridiculous stories the network might fall for. The late night host has his trusty sidekick Guillermo call in a fake tip to Fox to see what would happen.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of Kimmel’s infamous real pranks, but rather a comedy sketch that emphasized just how eager Fox News is to report anything negative about the president. “How gullible are the producers at Fox News?” Kimmel asked his audience, before asking Guillermo to place the call.

In a lightly-disguised voice, Guillermo “called” Fox to tell them he just saw President Obama urinating on the American flag. Kimmel then turned on a live feed of Fox to see how they would react to the shocking revelation.

Watch video below, via ABC:

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