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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Celebrities Read Hateful Tweets About Themselves

Celebrities with their big mansions, fancy cars, other generic luxury items, and millions of Twitter followers may seem impervious to pain and sorrow, but Jimmy Kimmel wants us all to remember they, too, can hurt. Tuesday night on his ABC late night show, the comedian asked a slew of celebrity guests to read aloud cruel, oftentimes vulgar tweets about themselves from us regular folk who occasionally let loose a hateful remark onto the interwebs.

Set to the tune of REM’s melancholic “Everybody Hurts,” celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Snooki read and react to mean tweets to the camera. Pop singer Katy Perry pouts as she reads aloud someone’s tweet that they “would rather chop my arm off & fuck myself with my detached limb than watch ‘Katie perry the movie’ What the fuck is wrong with the world?” Legendary talk show host Larry King, presumably reading a tweet for the first time in his life, shakes his head as he reads someone’s tweet-declaration that “if you skinned Larry King & ironed out his leather, you could make enough coats to give 1 to every poor child in America.”

Other choice examples: Justin Bieber‘s reaction to a tweet that says “Dear God, give us 2pac back and we’ll give you Justin Bieber,” and Jewish reggae-rapper Matisyahu taking his hateful tweet that he looks like an old, fat Bieber as a compliment.

Watch the segment below, via ABC:

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