Jimmy Kimmel Mocks the Irony of Trump’s Loss: He’s Going to Be Evicted from His Home ‘in the Middle of a Pandemic’


Jimmy Kimmel pointed out the irony of President Donald Trump’s loss on Thursday night — mocking him for getting evicted from his home “in the middle of a pandemic.”

The host opened Jimmy Kimmel Live by welcoming his viewers to “day nine of squatter gate,” before mocking Trump’s refusal to concede.

“Reality is starting to peek through the windows at the White House,” he said. “He might be going down with the ship, but many of the rats are putting their little bathing suits on amid increasing skepticism that their boss will be able to pull another rabbit out of his MAGA hat. One reason that Trump’s advisers are so worried he might not be able to win is because he lost and those don’t go together.”

The host then joked that there cannot be any pessimism in the White House, only sexism and racism.

“The big orange guy is said to be feeling blue,” Kimmel said. “POUTUS is reportedly dejected and fuming, and soon he’s gonna understand what it feels like to be evicted from your home in the middle of a pandemic.”

Kimmel suggested simply making Trump the president of Alaska, poking fun at Ivanka Trump’s celebratory tweet.

“Plenty of wide-open space to build big ugly buildings and put your name on them. Donny Jr. would have a lot of endangered species to shoot,” Kimmel added. “And he could marry Sarah Palin — she’s like a Melania who likes you.”

The host then noted that Trump would probably love being the president of the state, considering he would be the tannest person there.

“It’s big, it’s white, it’s melting down, and it has lots of crabs, just like Donald Trump!” Kimmel quipped. “It even sounds like the names of his wives and daughters: Melania, Ivana, Ivanka, Alaska.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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