Jimmy Kimmel On Jon Huntsman’s Campaign Ad: ‘Sad…Like The Trailer For A Movie Where The Dog Dies’

Sometimes politicians just make things too easy for the late night comics. And Jon Huntsman? You can add him to that list. On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, Kimmel aired the campaign spot produced by the Huntsman campaign that was probably intended both to introduce the candidate to America–and to convince us all he’s just regular folk. But wow, it did have an undertone of parody to it, and Kimmel got laughs simply for airing it–including the narrator’s message that Huntsman’s wife dreams of dinner out at a nice restaurant, but “that day seems yet to arrive.” As Kimmel put it, “that’s just sad…like the trailer for a movie where the dog dies at the end.”

Kimmel revealed his own version of the commercial, which pegged Huntsman as a carpet-pooping, tool borrowing “weirdo,” but see if you don’t think the actual ad is funnier–and more strange. When a comic gets a laugh just by playing your campaign spot? You might want to re-think the message, no?

Watch it here, from ABC:

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