Jimmy Kimmel Proves That People Have No Idea Who Just Got Nominated to the Supreme Court

L. Ron Hubbard is not the name of the appellate judge who was just tapped by President Barack Obama to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, but as Jimmy Kimmel proved Wednesday night, many people really can’t tell the difference anyway.

In the weekly installment of Lie Witness News, the Jimmy Kimmel Live crew stopped passers-by on Hollywood Boulevard to get their thoughts on the new nominee. But it wasn’t Merrick Garland they were asked about; they gave responses to names like George Harrison, Sammy Hagar, and even Whitey Bulger (“Will his criminal past have an effect on his ability to get confirmed by the Senate?” one unsuspecting interviewee gets asked).

And just get a load of how one woman even justifies the Supreme Court nomination of Game of ThronesTyrion Lannister, ruling from the bench with an iron fist and all.

Check out the above clip from the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube page.
[image via screengrab]

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