Jimmy Kimmel Re-Imagines Mitt Romney’s ‘Day One’ Ad With Ties, Tractors And ‘Black Friend’

Last week, Mitt Romney released his first election ad titled “Day One,” in which the narrator describes what the first day of a Romney presidency would look like over a video of positive, patriotic images. As we reported, David Letterman mocked the ad by creating his own “Day Two” ad. On his ABC late-night program Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel followed suit, giving the original Romney ad a more literal twist.

Instead of creating a new mock ad altogether, Kimmel’s team changed the “Day One” narration to be more literal. Kimmel suggested this new narration actually suits the Romney message better:

What would a Romney presidency be like? Day one: Machines. Trucks. Mexicans. An American flag. Guys wearing hats. Ties. And tractors. A black lady. More American flags. Dockers. Happy old guy. Black friend. More American flags. Black lady again. Hey, let’s have sex in a field. I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.

Check out the clip below, via ABC:

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