Jimmy Kimmel Returns the Favor, Appears on Rob Ford’s Talk Show

Last month, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! and provided America with one of the most awkward and entertaining interviews in late night history. This week, Jimmy Kimmel returned the favor, appearing via video chat with the mayor and his brother Doug Ford on their campaign web show “Ford Nation.” Kimmel even decided to wear the same black and red “magician’s outfit” Ford wore on his show.

Kimmel began by showing off his Rob Ford bobble head doll collection before proposing his own “fun-raiser” for the candidate in which everyone goes out and has fun in classic Ford style. Discussing his first night on the air when he decided to give the entire audience free booze, Kimmel said, “I was so drunk I don’t know what happened that night,” Kimmel said.

“I’ve used that excuse one too many times myself,” Mayor Ford joked in return.

Later, the brothers invited Kimmel to come to Toronto for his birthday this year, to which he replied, “There’s no two people that I’d rather spend my birthday with than the two of you.” When he comes to visit, Kimmel said he’s “not just planning to sleep at Rob’s place,” adding,
“Rob, I want to sleep with you and your wife.”

Watch video below, via Ford Nation:

[photo via screengrab]

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