Jimmy Kimmel Visits Brooklyn Barbershop To Find Out If Romney Can Win Over Black Voters

While in Brooklyn this week (and what a week, sheesh), ABC late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel visited a Fulton St. barbershop to ask if — and, if so, howMitt Romney can win over more black voters. After all, Kimmel points out, President Barack Obama is winning the black vote by a margin of 94 percent versus Romney’s 3 percent.

When asked what Romney can do to win more block votes, one barber emphatically announced “Turn black!,” while another suggested “Drop out of the race.” When presented with the tidbit that Romney’s biggest vice was chocolate milk [Ed. note: I will never, ever not find this some combination of adorable and hilarious.], the barbers remained entirely unimpressed. As one man pointed out, “Most black people are lactose intolerant, so…”

Basically, Kimmel discovered that there’s no way these dudes are going to vote for Romney. In fact, the candidate scored zero on a scale of 1 to 10 when the men were asked if Romney “has flavor” or is their “boo.”

Check it out, via ABC:


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