Joan Rivers And Bristol Palin Are About To Switch Places…

ABC has announced the match-ups for the upcoming season of the network’s reality show Celebrity Wife Swap, and one of the scenarios is particularly promising. Mother and daughter duo Joan and Melissa Rivers will travel to Alaska, switching places with two of Sarah Palin‘s daughters: Bristol and Willow Palin. It’s unclear how exactly this qualifies as a “wife swap” but it promises to be some very entertaining television anyway.

The most ridiculous detail of the show’s plans, as announced by The Hollywood Reporter, is that Bristol’s 4-year-old son Tripp will remain in Alaska to be taken care of by the Rivers’ while Melissa Rivers’ 12-year-old son Cooper will get to live it up in New York City with the Palins. The shenanigans will kick off on the season premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap on Sunday, June 23rd.

The show will mark Bristol Palin’s third foray into the world of reality TV, previously appearing on Dancing With The Stars and her own Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp, which also included appearance by Willow.

Meanwhile, the woman to whom Palin is apparently entrusting her young son, Joan Rivers, once called Sarah Palin a “nazi” and blasted Bristol’s dancing skills on The Joy Behar Show. But we can only assume that the allure of reality TV has helped Palin forgive and forget.

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