Joan Rivers Tells Anderson Cooper How She Brought (An Ungrateful?) Oprah To A National Audience

Anderson Cooper is, perhaps, the bravest man on television. He’s traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan in the midst of war, turned the world’s eyes to Haiti after it was rocked by a massive earthquake, and ventured to a New Orleans devastated by Hurricane Katrina. All that to prepare for this: interviewing not just his New Year’s Eve co-host Kathy Griffin, but also comedians Joy Behar, Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers – who had a little gossip to share concerning none other than Oprah.

The ladies (sans Diller, who, like certain viewers, sat half-smiling, half-praying that the noise to somehow stop) discussed Oprah Winfrey‘s new OWN network. Rivers offered an interesting little tidbit about Oprah’s climb to fame, telling Cooper that she had actually found Oprah in Chicago and convinced The Tonight Show to bring her on. She then joked (in that sort of “haha, but, no, really” manner we’re all too familiar with) that Oprah doesn’t exactly posses “fuzzy” feelings when it comes to Rivers.

Behar chimed in, saying Oprah’s decree that the word “bitch” would be banned from OWN effectively barred her, Rivers and Griffin from ever making it onto the network. Although maybe Diller still stands a chance.

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