Joan Walsh Defends Cuomo Interview, Blasts Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Sheer Number And Capacity Of Shameless’ Lies


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo took some friendly fire this week for his marathon interview of Kellyanne Conway, but Joan Walsh defended the decision to interview Conway because it helps to “expose” the senior White House counselor’s lies.

On Sunday morning’s edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter devoted a segment to Cuomo’s gonzo interview with Conway, and the friendly debate with Don Lemon that followed it. Stelter agreed with Cuomo that the exchange was newsworthy, while panelist Oliver Darcy agreed with Lemon that the segment was of little use to the news consumer.

But CNN contributor and The Nation national affairs correspondent Joan Walsh split the proverbial baby, and made an important point in the process.

“I do find myself coming down with Oliver in the sense that it went on for a long time,” Walsh said, while offering “highest props to Chris for the way he handled her, and the way he parried.”

But then Walsh added that “periodically, [Comway]’s going to come on, she should come on, and you expose her lies, you expose the sheer number and capacity of shameless lying that she is able to do.”

Walsh also noted Conway’s long history in this town, noting that Conway is”somebody that some of us once knew as a bit more of a truth-teller, always conservative. but never this at this dimension. So I think it’s newsworthy that Trump has a woman who continues to do this, and kind of, in some ways. make herself look rather silly, and have her husband fact check her. I think that’s all news. 40 minutes of it? Maybe not.”

What many in the “don’t show Kellyanne” camp miss is the essential mission of journalism, to gather information and report the truth. Giving liars a “platform” is only detrimental if you don’t call out the lies, but as Walsh pointed out, Cuomo did so adeptly. This was good journalism, and the more of it there is, the better.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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