Joaquin Castro Confronted Over Trump Donor List on Morning Joe: They Will Be Harassed


Rep. Joaquin Castro faced more heat on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday for his controversial tweet naming and shaming Trump donors in San Antonio.

Castro is a congressman from the district where San Antonio lies and is the twin brother of presidential candidate Julian Castro. He is also the chairman of his brother’s campaign.

Castro tweeted (and has since deleted) a graphic Tuesday which included the names and employers of 44 President Donald Trump donors in San Antonio. He said it was “sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump.” “These contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders,'” said Castro.

Though Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski seemed not to have a problem with Castro’s tweet earlier in the show, MSNBC anchor Willie Geist pressed Castro to explain the motivation of his tweet. “What is the objective here? What do you hope will happen to the 44 private citizens whose names you posted? Do you want people to boycott their companies, protest outside their homes? What is your goal here?”

Castro said his tweet wasn’t meant as a boycott or to target these people. “It was meant to draw attention to the fact we’ve got a lot of people in our community who are respected by San Antonio, who are contributing to this guy that’s using their money to fuel hate,” Castro explained. “Unless you support the white nationalism and the racism that Donald Trump is paying for and fueling, then I hope that you, as a person of good conscience, will think twice about contributing to his campaign.”

“But congressman, as you look at this list, and I know you say you didn’t put their addresses out there, but it’s easy to find them. These people are undoubtedly already being harassed online or in face to face in some cases, they could be,” said Geist.

“What do you say to people this morning when you say, I made a campaign donation and now I’m being harassed? I’m going to have people protesting outside my business or perhaps even my home?” Geist continued. “What do you want them to say? Do you want them to repent for Donald Trump or what do you want from them?”

Castro said it wasn’t his intention that anyone was harassed or tormented. “They will be because you put their names in public… That will happen,” Geist repeated.

Castro insisted that the names of the donors are public. The names are publicly available through the Federal Election Commission’s website.

In light of the weekend’s shootings, Geist said if Castro believes rhetoric can lead to incitement, “even if it triggers one person to be careful, does it give you any pause to put these names out in public?”

Castro said he doesn’t want anyone on the left or right to be the target of a crazy person. “It would be nice to hear, actually, those that are contributing to Donald Trump say the same thing,” he added.

Many on the right and some on the left thought Castro’s tweet could classify as incitement, and #ImpeachJoaquinCastro trended on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Late Tuesday night, Castro said he would stop mention Trump’s campaign donors and he should “stop using their money for ads that fuel hate.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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