Jodi Arias Cross-Examination Begins With Tough Grilling From Prosecution

After nearly two weeks of testimony for her defense team, Jodi Arias, the Arizona woman charged with brutally murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008, was confronted for the first time by the prosecution Thursday. During the course of a relentless cross-examination by prosecutor Juan Martinez, Arias struggled to explain why she finds it so difficult to recall details of the killing she has admitted to committing in self-defense.

At one point, Arias described minute details of the day the murder occurred, up until the incident itself, after which she said she remembers “almost nothing.” She said she “doesn’t know if she blackout out” but “there’s a huge gap” in her memory.

Watch Arias describe her memory loss below, via ABC News:

The interrogation got heated at times, with Martinez demanding to know when Arias has experienced memory problems in the past. She responded, “Usually when men like you are grilling me and screaming at me or men like Travis.”

One of the more disturbing sections of the day’s testimony came when the prosecutor forced Arias to describe the violent sexual acts she and Alexander engaged in the day before the shooting.

Watch Arias’ NSFW testimony below, via ABC News:

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