Joe and Mika Debate Whether Trump Is ‘Evil’ or ‘Horrendous’ for Democracy


Morning Joe‘s debated whether President Donald Trump is “evil” or irrational and mentally unstable Friday morning.

Shortly after Joe Scarborough tore into Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for “lying through his teeth” to defend Trump, he spoke of how Mika Brzezinski reacted when she watched the president make some of his most recent, controversial comments.

“Mika was saying when he did that, she said, ‘This guy is so bad, and others say he’s so evil, he’s so evil.’ I said, ‘Well, yes, okay, I get what you’re saying,’ but wouldn’t a truly evil guy have answered the question to Lester Holt, ‘No, no, that’s not why?’ Wouldn’t a truly evil guy say to George Stephanopoulos, of course I would report it, in fact, I’ve hired three lawyers and they’re going to be scanning throughout the entire government, we’re going to have the toughest task force on foreign interference ever while he’s actually calling China and calling Russia and saying, ‘hey, you got anything, you got anything?’”

Scarborough turned the spotlight over to Donny Deutsche, who agreed with the former’s take and said it reflects on “how demented [Trump] is.

“You can almost say is he evil or is there just no moral compass?” Deutsche asked. “There’s no compass there to even look at.”

Brzezinski tried to get a word in multiple times, and she eventually got in to say, “I never said he’s evil and my reaction is not ‘oh, he’s evil.’ My reaction to what happened the other night, when he said that is to George Stephanopoulos, was ‘this is horrendous, horrendous for our democracy’. He is a national security threat.”

“What he does is not stupidity. What he is doing is not evil playing out before our eyes. What he does is he manipulates the truth, he desensitizes the American public and the world to what is right and wrong and does things in plain sight, and the results are evil.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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