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Joe and Mika Get Tense Over Politicized Rape Allegations: ‘I’m Just Trying to Complete a Sentence’

Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough appeared to work through some communications issues Tuesday morning during a remarkably tense discussion over politicized rape allegations.  The context of this marital spat was President Donald Trump’s claim that writer E. Jean Carroll — who recently alleged that Trump assaulted her in an excerpt of a book to be published next week — was not his type.

In a conversation of the media coverage and seeming political shoulder shrug over Carroll’s rape allegations, Brzezinski previously pointed her finger at Republican enablers of Trump’s character and alleged behavior, which has been “baked into the cake” of his character and reputation, ostensibly giving him a pass.

Scarborough then pointed out that, in his esteem, the rape allegations against former President Bill Clinton brought forth by Juanita Broderick in the 90s, saying that Clinton also benefited from the same “baked in the cake” allegations by enabling Democrats.

While Brzezinski agreed with Scarborough’s point, she appeared to steamroll her co-host to make her point. Scarborough went from being amused, noting the self-parodying moment by rhetorically asking “am I on SNL?”

Brzezinski wasn’t playing however, as the issue of rape clearly was not an issue worthy of joking about. Scarborough’s grin disappeared quickly, however, as he chided his wife “I’m just trying to complete a sentence.”

In short, it was the sort of segment that makes Morning Joe a fascinating watch.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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