comScore Joe Biden: 'We Got Jim Crow Sneaking Back In'

Joe Biden Accuses GOP of Minority Voter Suppression: ‘We Got Jim Crow Sneaking Back In’

Joe Biden swung at the GOP on Saturday when he used a speech to proclaim that President Donald Trump and other Republicans are allowing Jim Crow practices to make a resurgence across America.

As the former vice president held a campaign rally in South Carolina, he spoke about the importance of protecting voting rights, which led to him lamenting that multiple states have engaged in voter suppression. Biden alluded to this by citing voting laws in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida that he says are “mostly directed at people of color.”

“We got Jim Crow sneaking back in,” Biden said. “You know, if everyone has an equal right to vote, guess what? They lose.”

Watch above, via WFLA.

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