Joe Biden Gets Emotional About His Kids and Heroes of Coronavirus Crisis: ‘I Marvel at the Soul of This Country’


Former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got emotional while showing photos of his children to late night host James Corden, then saluted the sacrifices that people are making in fighting the coronavirus crisis.

On Tuesday night’s edition of CBS’ The Late Late Show, Corden concluded several segments with the ex-Obama veep by asking him to share something from his home with viewers.

Corden told Biden “We’ve been playing ‘Late Late Show and Tell’ with our guests,” and asked “Is there anything in your home that is special to you you’d want to share with us? Something we’d never get to see if you weren’t in your home now.”

Biden proceeded to share several photographic portraits of his children and grandchildren, and spoke emotionally, as he often does, about his late son Beau Biden. As he showed a picture of his swearing-n as vice president, Biden told Corden that Beau had to be ordered home from Iraq to attend, and that Beau “was here for seven days. He didn’t have to but every day he reported to the pentagon. This guy was so straight and by the numbers.”

After showing another large portrait of himself, Beau, and Hunter Biden, Vice President Biden got choked up as he said “You know, I’m really lucky. I’m really lucky. I have great kids. I was fortunate. Fortunate.”

As he wrapped up with Corden, a still-emotional Biden said  “I want to thank all the people who have been so good to me when I have been through some tough times.”

But then he added that there are “a lot of heroes out there, went through a hell of a lot more than I’ve gone through, and just get up in every single solitaire morning and put one foot in front of the other. They have nobody, nobody, but they do it.”

“I just marvel at the soul of this country. I really do,” Biden said.

Watch the clip above via CBS.

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