Joe Biden: Obama Told by ‘Pros’ Weeks Prior to Launch That Obamacare Site Was Ready

Vice President Joe Biden spoke with CNN on Wednesday and confirmed that he, too, has tried and failed to access the Affordable Care Act’s online portal, HealthCare.Gov. Biden said that President Barack Obama was informed that the site was ready to go before launch and that they both tried and failed to access the site after it went public.

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“What did you know prior to the website being launched,” HLN reporter Christi Paul asked Biden.

“We were under the impression that it was ready to go,” Biden said. He added that President Obama was asking about the status of the website as far out as seven weeks prior to launch. He said that they were informed by the “pros” that the site was ready to go.

“Neither he or I are technology geeks and we assumed it was up and ready to run,” Biden added. He said that both himself and the president tried and failed to access the site prior to its launch to the general public.

Watch the clip below via CNN:

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