Joe Biden Tears Into Trump at DNC: ‘This Guy Doesn’t Have a Clue!’

bidenVice President Joe Biden spoke at the Democratic National Convention tonight and really brought the hammer down hard on Donald Trump.

After praising President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Biden declared, “We all understand what it will mean for our daughters and granddaughters when Hillary Clinton walks into the Oval Office as President of the United States of America! It will change their lives!”

He contrasted Clinton’s story of helping Americans with how Trump took “pleasure in saying ‘You’re fired” for a living.

“He’s trying to tell you he cares about the middle class?” Biden asked bewilderedly. “Give me a break, that’s a bunch of malarkey!”

When Biden cried that “this guy doesn’t have a clue,” the entire arena erupted in chants of “Not a Clue!”

The vice president even got deadly serious and said “the threats are too great, the times are too uncertain” to elect someone as dangerous and volatile like Trump––someone who has “no plan” and “embraces the tactics of our enemies.”

Biden declared in a booming voice that no one should ever “bet against America” because “we do not scare easily!”

Watch above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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