Joe Klein: Glenn Beck Is A “Telecharlatan” With A “Phony, Professorial Air”

During a segment on this morning’s The Chris Matthews Show, host Chris Matthews asked his panel to hand out year-end awards. Most of the broadcast was a fun discussion with good-natured praise and jabs for the year’s most notorious political celebrities. However, for the category of who demonstrated the biggest “Chutzpah” of the year, one nominee had guest Joe Klein nearly foaming at the mouth with anger.

With Matthews’ suggestion of Fox News host Glenn Beck and his decision to host his Restoring Honor rally on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech”, Klein let loose on Beck more generally:

There has to be a word for Glenn Beck. Who is a telecharlatan. And who really, I mean he retires the cup. Not just for that rally, but for this phony, professorial air that he has when he is broadcasting in which he promotes these ridiculous conspiracy theories by John Birch Society nutcakes. I mean it’s outrageous.

No one on else on the panel seemed interested in challenging Klein or discussing Beck at all, and instead suggested Republican leaders and their continuously evolving stance on earmarks was deserving of the “Chutzpah” award.

Watch the clip from The Chris Matthews Show:

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