Joe Lockhart: Former Chief of Staff John Kelly Kept Trump from Doing Impeachable Crimes


Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart condemned the recent comments made by current White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Monday morning, and also made the rather interesting claim that former Chief of Staff John Kelly appears to have kept President Donald Trump from committing impeachable crimes.

This analysis is pegged to Kelly’s recent comments at a Washington Examiner event in which he claims to have told Trump not to hire a yes-man to replace him as Chief of Staff, else he would end up being impeached. Grisham responded with the curious statement straight from the “Dear Leader” playbook nothing that Kelly wasn’t equipped to deal with Trump’s genius.

Lockhart noted Grisham’s language is what “we expect out of North Korea. And it shows that there’s an audience of only one for all of these people,” adding “they only care about the president, they don’t care about the truth or what anyone else thinks.”

He then turned to what he called “the really staggering thing about what John Kerry said” which Lockhart paraphrased as “Mr. President, left to your own devices you’ll be doing criminal or impeachable.”

He then described out Trump’s campaign chairman (Paul Manafort) is in jail, the lawyer for the Trump Organization is in jail (Michael Cohen), and the president’s personal lawyer (Rudy Giuliani) is under criminal investigation.

“The thing that ties all this together is that they’re all working at the direction of Donald Trump,” Lockhart noted, adding “Kelly was right, he needed someone there to keep him from committing crimes.”

Watch above via CNN.

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