Joe Lockhart: Impeachment Proceedings Have Given Republican Senators Leverage Over Trump


Former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart offered interesting insight into what he sees as a new dynamic between Republican Senators and President Donald Trump during a Monday morning appearance on CNN’s New Day.

The conversation followed a Sunday morning that featured two senior members of the Trump administration trying to clean up what can objectively be called a disastrous week of news for the White House.

In an interview with Chris Wallace, Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney tried and failed, to clean up his curious admission that Congressionally approved military aid for Ukraine was held up for political reasons, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stonewalled George Stephanopoulos and failed to support Mulvaney’s comments.

Lockhart noted how yesterday’s Sunday shows “was striking” adding that “in a functional White House you would have flooded the zone with people defending the Chief of Staff. And at every talking point you come up with, they were left to Pompeo who was there to do foreign policy who didn’t defend them and Mulvaney to defend himself.”

But then he turned to what he called “the balance of power shifting in Washington.”  He explained that “the Doral decision” and ‘”the decision with somewhat of a climb back now on redeploying troops in Syria,” there is a new political dynamic in Washington D.C.

“Because of impeachment and because Republicans of the Senate now have leverage on the president. Because he now has to depend on those Republicans to stay in office,” he assessed, adding “you’ll find a lot more senators publicly pushing back and getting more of what they want out of the White House.”

“I don’t think without the impeachment inquiry he would have climbed down on Doral,” Lockhart noted, adding “I think he would have just rode it out and say this was a great thing and he would have sold it for a year. The dynamic has definitely changed.”

Watch above via CNN.

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