Joe Lockhart: Mitch McConnell’s an ‘Amoral Politician’ Who’ll ‘Say Anything’ in Pursuit of Own Goals

CNN contributor Joe Lockhart called out Senator Mitch McConnell’s apparent shifting position on filling a theoretical empty Supreme Court seat in an election year Wednesday morning, calling the Senate Majority leader “amoral” and saying his past leadership “was never about principle.”

At issue is McConnell’s response to a Kentucky-held town hall question in which he was asked if he would treat the filling of an empty spot in the same manner that he handled President Barack Obama’s appointment of Judge Merrick Garland in the last year of Obama’s second term. McConnell notably never allowed a vote and the Supreme Court seat vacated by the unexpected death of Judge Antonin Scalia sat empty until the following year when newly elected President Donald Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch.

If the same situation were to arise in the last year of Trump’s first term, McConnell told his audience that in this instance,  “we would fill it.” Flip-flopping? Not in the eyes of Lockhart.

The former White House Press Secretary under President Bill Clinton said “I don’t think Mcconnell is flip-flopping. It was never about a principle. Not the one he articulated. It is about power.”

Lockhart continued “Mcconnell is symbolic of the amoral politician that will say anything at any point in order to pursue their own goals. Hypocrisy no longer has a heavy price.”

In case there was any confusion about the influence that CNN New Day’s commentary would affect the Senate Majority Lader, Lockhart added “McConnell could not care less what we say about him this morning. We could call him every name in the book and it wouldn’t bother him. He has power. Only when he becomes minority leader will he pay attention.”

Watch above via CNN.

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