Joe Lockhart on Trump Oval Office Speech: Public Airwaves Should Not Be Used to ‘Spew Lies’

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart joined the set of CNN’s New Day which opened Tuesday’s show with a conversation on what else? Day 18 of an almost record government shutdown over border wall funding and, a new wrinkle, President Donald Trump’s planned Oval Office speech to adress the nation planned Tuesday night.

Lockhart did not demur in his assessment of Trump’s request for networks to carry his speech live, especially given (in Lockhart’s assessment) the Commander in Chief’s proclivity to prevaricate and/or lie to the American public.

“The networks, I hope, struggled with the decision to put this on because he consistently hasn’t told the truth,” Lockhart opened. “Someone’s got to fact check that.”

He then doubled down and said that it were up to him, he wouldn’t put this on live, adding “I’d let him give the address and look at it and find out, what’s true and what’s not or say, give me the text in advance and let us decide what’s true and what’s not.”

“We shouldn’t be using our public air waves for someone to spew more of these lies. You have a president trying to create hysteria for his own political purposes not to protect the American people.”

Watch above via CNN.


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