Joe Lockhart: President Trump’s Unsecured Phone is ‘Much Bigger Scandal’ Than Ivanka’s Emails

CNN’s John Berman opened New Day’s coverage of the Ivanka Trump private email story on Tuesday by proclaiming that “the irony meter is irreparably broken this morning.”

He then went on to explain the brewing e-mail controversy in the Trump administration that sees the president’s daughter using personal e-mail to conduct some government business all the way until September of 2017, according to a recent Washington Post report.

Ms. Trump’s excuse was that she was not aware of some details of the rules, to which Beman snarked “How often Earth is someone supposed to know all the rules, after all, unless they were alive in 2016? Unless they attended a single Donald Trump rally and heard the chants of lock her up, which continue until this day.”

But in a sea of jokes of “lock her up” chants, it was Joe Lockhart’s insights that stood out, as he mentioned a “much bigger scandal” regarding White House use of unsecured digital communication tools.

“The president uses an unsecured phone and he does national security business on that unsecured phone and the Russians and the Chinese listen to those calls,” the former Press Secretary under President Clinton said.

He then added of Trump “He screamed lock her up and he screamed, you know, she was putting national security at risk. He does it every single day and we all turn a blind eye to it.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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