Joe Lockhart: Trump’s ‘Tactical Retreat’ on SOTU Is Result of His Base ‘Starting to Leave’

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart believes we are seeing a “tactical retreat” from President Donald Trump on finding an “alternative venue” for the State of the Union.

What changed? Newly released poll numbers that see his approval rating at 37%. Lockhart believes that low number suggests that Trump is losing support from his base.

Last night Trump announced via Twitter that he would give his State of the Union speech after the government shutdown has ended. The president appeared to blink in his battle with Speaker Nancy Pelosi over a shutdown precluding national address.

Host Alisyn Camerota called this concession “window dressing” before asking Lockhart for his thoughts.

“I think it was just a concession to reality, Lockhart said, adding, “I think they’re looking very closely at the numbers and when the president falls below 39, 38% in job approval, which he has now, that means his base is starting to leave. I think it was a tactical retreat.”

Watch above via CNN.

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