Joe Scarborough Accuses Republicans on House Intel Committee of ‘Lack of Love of Country’


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough accused Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee of not loving their country in response to GOP members pushing conspiracy theories to desperately defend President Donald Trump amid the Democratic-led impeachment hearings.

The Morning Joe host made the comment on the Wednesday edition of his show, during which he said “there is no adult [in the room], there hasn’t been one in a very long time but it’s just mind boggling” in reference to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and other House Republicans using the impeachment testimonies to push conspiracies about former Vice President Joe Biden, who they’ve accused — without evidence — of quashing a Ukrainian prosecutor’s investigation into a natural gas company that Hunter Biden helped run, and pushing a particularly harebrained theory about Ukraine’s supposed tampering in the 2016 election to benefit Democrats.

“People talk about the time, ‘It’s a time we’re in’ — no, it’s not. It’s lack of character among people on these committees. Just a lack of character and a lack of love of country that they put their political party above their country,” said Scarborough, before suggesting that House Republicans take a look at “what happens in the United States Senate. Guess what, Chairman [Richard] Burr and the ranking member from Virginia, they work together very well, and coordinate their messages and actually when they talk in a press conference, you’re like, ‘Oh, wait a second. They’re doing the business of the United States of America and not their own political party.'”

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski then suggested that her colleague’s accusations against Republican representatives should not be taken lightly: “In the 13 years I’ve worked with you, I have never heard you accuse someone of not loving their country. In fact, you’re very careful with those words.”

“They are acting like they don’t love their country. I can say this, Republicans on the Intel Committee, they are putting their party above their country,” Scarborough continued. “It’s plainly obvious.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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