Joe Scarborough Analyzes Photo of Trump and Pelosi, Calls Out Republicans ‘Bowing Their Heads in Shame’


Joe Scarborough took viewers of Morning Joe through a detailed analysis of a photo released by the White House, taking a most uncharitable view of the body language on display by Republican and Trump administration officials sitting next to the president.

The White House released a photo of what can fairly be called a contentious Wednesday night meeting between President Donald Trump (and his political allies) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi over Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw U.S. military aid from northern Syria, leaving allies unprotected from nearly immediate attacks from Turkey.

Willie Geist noted a Congressional vote earlier that condemned Trump’s actions, saying of the GOP members in the photo “they may come out publicly afterward and say nice things and criticize Nancy Pelosi, but they spoke yesterday with their votes. These are allies of President Trump, Steve Scalise and Kevin McCarthy voted against the president.”

Geist continued “they voted for this house rebuke of Donald Trump and what he’s doing in Turkey. Everyone knows that this was a mistake. Everyone in that room, everyone at that table knows and it is hard, Donald Trump knows and he’s trying to talk his way out of it with things that he’s making up off the top of his head.”

After a brief tease of a coming segment, Scarborough returned to the photo saying ” I want you to look at the Democrats who eyes fixed, engaged as their leader speaks to a president who has surrendered again Putin, who has surrendered again to Syria, who has surrendered again to Iran, and I just want you to look at the people on the president’s side of the table, the generals, the congressmen, the leaders bowing their heads in shame.””

Watch above via MSNBC.

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