Joe Scarborough Bashes President Obama’s New ‘Forward’ Slogan

Today, President Obama‘s re-election campaign released its new one-word slogan: “Forward.”

On this morning’s edition of Morning Joe, Politico’s White House correspondent Mike Allen said that the single-word slogan was an effort to spin the campaign’s message more positively. “A great bumper sticker is not ‘It Could Be Worse,'” Allen explained. And so we get the single-word slogan.

Morning Joe host/namesake Joe Scarborough slammed the slogan as a blatant ripoff of MSNBC’s slogan “Lean Forward“:

So, “Forward.” Really? That’s it, huh? So is Fox’s slogan going to be — or is Mitt Romney’s slogan going to be “Balanced”? He’s taking MSNBC’s slogan!

It’s highly doubtful that Romney would follow suit and adapt Fox News’ “Fair & Balanced” credo as his slogan. Besides, if he were to borrow from a cable news slogan, perhaps he’d be better off with CNN’s “The Best Political Team on Television.” Or, even better, he could turn the CNN Finance slogan (“CNN = Money”) into “Romney = Money”.

Watch Joe Scarborough slam the Obama slogan below, via MSNBC:

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