Joe Scarborough Blasts Al Jazeera for ‘Glorifying’ Terrorism


Joe Scarborough took aim at Al Jazeera on Wednesday’s episode of Morning Joe, slamming the news organization for being used as a prop to spread disinformation and support terrorism.

During a discussion about new quandary surrounding Qatar, Scarborough laid blame on Al Jazeera, the country’s state-funded broadcaster, blasting its use as a mouthpiece of the country to support Qatar’s aiding of terrorist organizations.

“Qatar has been funding terrorist organizations, Hezbollah, they’ve been funding radical aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood, they have been spreading disinformation.”

“Through Al Jazeera, what the Saudis and the UAE, I was saying for years — why are you glorifying Osama bin Laden?,” he asked. “Why are our children turing on the TV set and seeing these wonderful documentaries about Osama bin Laden, a guy who’s trying to kill us?”

“So it’s not as if the UAE and the Saudis don’t have a point here,” Scarborough noted of the countries’ protests to Qatari funding of terrorist organizations.

“Of course the Saudis, their hands aren’t exactly clean themselves,” he added.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, along with a number of their Gulf neighbors have condemned Qatar for aiding terrorism, and have put in place a naval blockade on the country until it cedes to a set of demands.

Al Jazeera — like other state broadcasters in undemocratic countries — has long struggled with charges that it is propaganda. Despite its international reach, accusations have ranged from simple bias to outright anti-Semitism.

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