Joe Scarborough Blasts ‘Coward’ Kevin McCarthy’s Giving In to ‘Craziest’ House GOP on Impeachment: ‘This is the White House’s Dream!’


Joe Scarborough insisted that Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s reported plan to start an impeachment inquiry on President Joe Biden will backfire politically, pounding the desk and proclaiming, “This is the White House’s dream!”

Punchbowl News broke the story that McCarthy has plans to tell House GOP this morning that launching an impeachment inquiry is “the logical next step” in the ongoing investigation into Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Punchbowl reports:

McCarthy and the House Republican leadership scheduled a closed-door session for Thursday morning so that members could get an update on the investigations led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and House Oversight Committee Chair Jamie Comer (R-Ky.). McCarthy plans to say that the two chairs have uncovered enough information that necessitates the House formalizing the impeachment inquiry in order to obtain the Bidens’ bank records and other documents.

On Tuesday, the Morning Joe host put the news of a pending impeachment context of Republican voters in swing states, asking:

How much can these Republican swing voters independents take? January the 6th — You’ve got the apologists for January 6 by the Republican House. You’ve got them talking about these people that killed cops calling them. Again, if you if you don’t think so. Ask the family. I asked the family who killed the cops, and they’ll tell you, is the riders that Donald Trump whipped into a frenzy and sent to the Capitol. You’ve got abortion, an issue that’s going to be again, once again, as it was in 22, a huge issue in 24. You’ve got a federal judge declaring Donald Trump to be a rapist by any standard definition of how we and institutions define rape. And now you’ve got an impeachment. That is simply because the craziest people on the back benches in the House of Representatives are demanding that Kevin McCarthy call for an impeachment. Again, this is it. This is the White House’s dream.

Mika Brzezinski agreed, adding, “It’s very confusing if you are a real Republican where you go because this is not the Republican Party as we once knew it.”

Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis joined the conversation, noting how Speaker McCarthy’s reported decision to approve the impeachment inquiry is fueled by the ongoing threat that “right-wing Freedom Caucus Republicans” have consistently threatened a motion to vacate the Speakership to which McCarthy holds dear.

“That there will be a motion to vacate, and he will have to stand again for it,” Lewis noted. “The good news for McCarthy, as I noted in the piece, is that he is shameless. So, I think he managed to endure humiliation in January and become Speaker. He could possibly pull off the same maneuver here. But again, this is a lot of wasted energy. It’s the Republican Party making trouble for themselves.”

Scarborough concluded, “The mainstream Republicans, they won’t say, ‘let’s get a crazy son of a bitch to drive us over the cliff,’ No one is getting 218 votes for that. Kevin McCarthy should stop being a coward and tell them what I just said, but I can’t really say on TV.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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