Scarborough Blasts Trump Over ‘Squad’ Attacks: He’s ‘Trashed the United States of America for 40 Years!’


Joe Scarborough called out President Donald Trump’s full-throated criticism on the state of America as a means to call out what he sees as a very hypocritical position given Trump’s own criticism of we clearly saw as the decay of United States’ greatness over the past two to three decades.

Trump, and his loyal White House surrogates, have tried to pivot from a tough previous news week that focused on racist tweets and xenophobic rally chants of “send her back” by suggesting that Trump and his supporters are taking issue with abject criticism of the United States.

Trump’s successful candidacy, however, was built on one simple message: Make America Great Again, which included lots of lustful criticism on the state of things in the U.S.A.

Trump defended his recent attacks on the “Squad” of Democratic Congresswomen, saying “when they call our country garbage, think of that. That’s worse than deplorable. Well, they call our country garbage, I don’t care about politics.”

Ignoring the fact that none of the elected officials ever called the nation “garbage” Scarborough lit in with “first of all, that was a lie. He’s a liar. He’s lied there. But this is a guy that called America quote, crippled. His inaugural speech.”

“It was not ‘ask not what you can do for your country,’ …it was ‘American carnage,'” Scarborough added, before listing specifics.

“Talking about the crime, despite the fact that crime was at a 50-year low. Talking about that we don’t even have borders, despite the fact that illegal crossings under Barack Obama, 50 year low. They have skyrocketed up under Donald Trump. He said the American dream was dead. He said we were stupid. He said all of our leaders were stupid. This is a man whose entire adult life has trashed the United States of America for 40 years.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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