Joe Scarborough Blasts Trump’s ‘Full-on Pep Rally’ While People in Florida Are Dying

Yesterday Hurricane Michael struck the Florida panhandle with record Category 4 winds that devastated a number of beachside communities and left hundreds of thousands without power.

At roughly the same time, President Donald Trump traveled to a previously scheduled political rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, announcing via Twitter that it would be unfair to cancel it because of all the people already there to attend.

Or in the words of Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, Trump was “holding a full-on pep rally while Americans are suffering and dying in northwest Florida.”

In Scarborough’s view, the optics of holding a campaign rally just after a devastating hurricane was making landfall was not a good look for a sitting president.

Scarborough said that” I criticized Barack Obama for holding a campaign event one week after a hurricane hit,” adding that it’s pretty easy for the President to say  “I don’t mean to be holding campaign events and having rich people come together for my fund-raisers while people are literally fighting for their lives and keeping their businesses together in another part of the country.”

One suspects that this particular hurricane was more personal for the Morning Joe host since the area ie most affected was Florida’s First Congressional district, which was the very district Scarborough served during his time in the House of Representatives.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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