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Joe Scarborough Blows Up on ‘Reckless and Unmoored’ Trump: Can’t Rise to Occasion in ‘Darkest Week’ for America

The notion that Joe Scarborough would be critical of President Donald Trump is not terribly noteworthy, but the level of animus and the sheer volume of criticism in the clip embedded above rises to something unique enough to feature.

At issue in this particular harangue was the alleged lack of preparedness to deal with the coronavirus pandemic led by President Trump, and the overall lack of leadership in comparison to Queen Elizabeth, who released a short speech to her subjects on Sunday, which painted the current US leadership in a less favorable light, according to the Morning Joe panel.

Government officials spoke on Sunday about how this coming week may be as dark a week in terms of coronavirus-related deaths, though Trump returned to his familiar mien during a Sunday night’s press conference. This apparent disparity led to Scarborough going off.

“No country was better equipped to actually keep this virus at bay. Yet, it is the United States, through the failure of the administration, that will end up having more cases and losing more lives than anybody else,” the Morning Joe co-host opened, “Because even up to a month ago, Donald Trump was mocking governors who were shutting down their government. Now, there’s what about-ism.”

After talking about state governors for a bit, Scarborough returned to his harangue, saying “when it comes to the United States of America, we had a president, Jonathan, that did nothing but play down this threat for two months. We’re bringing it up now because he is still acting recklessly inside the White House.”

As co-host Mika Brzezinksi interjected “He needs to step aside,” Scarborough (now yelling) finished with “as we go into the worst week for this country, he’s still acting reckless and unmoored. He still can’t rise to the occasion in this, the darkest week that Americans will face probably since World War II.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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