Joe Scarborough: Bolton Testimony Will Lead to ‘Avalanche of Incriminating Information’ About Trump


Joe Scarborough predicts that if John Bolton ends up testifying in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, it will lead to even more damaging revelations about the president.

Speaking with former RNC chairman Michael Steele on Wednesday about the potential implications of Bolton’s testimony, the Morning Joe expressed his belief that whether Bolton testifies or publishes his upcoming book, his allegations will have major political shockwaves and could result in a domino effect that leads to the emergence of more information.

“This information, whether it comes out tightly confined in the Senate trial or whether it just gets blown out all over the airwaves over the next two for three months, that information is going to come out, which is going to include a lot of incriminating information about Donald Trump, which is going to lead to more incriminating information about Donald Trump, which is going to lead to an avalanche of incriminating information about Donald Trump.”

Scarborough went on to question whether Republican senators who refuse to allow for witnesses and “are trying to kill this investigation” will experience any blowback from their constituents.

“Why don’t we look into the crystal ball,” Scarborough said. “How bad does this look for them the last week of the election when we know so much more then than we know now and they are the ones who voted to stop Americans from learning the truth about Donald Trump?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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